💌 Lua script that makes LÖVE game release easier
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Lua script that makes LÖVE game release easier (previously Bash script).
Automates LÖVE Game Distribution.
LÖVE forum topic.
Available as a LuaRocks package.


love-release makes your LÖVE game release easier. love-release can create from your sources: Windows executables, MacOS X applications, Debian packages, and simple LÖVE files.

love-release creates only one LÖVE file per release directory and keeps it synced with your sources.

love-release can extract its informations from the environment: it guesses your game's title from the directory where it's stored, selects by default the latest LÖVE version from the web or uses its latest bundled LÖVE version, then parses the conf.lua file to extract even more informations such as the real LÖVE version your project uses.


Usage: love-release [-D] [-M] [-a <author>] [-b] [-d <desc>]
       [-e <email>] [-l <love>] [-p <package>] [-t <title>] [-u <url>]
       [--uti <uti>] [-v <v>] [-X <exclude>] [--version] [-h] [<release>] [<source>]
       [-W [32|64]]

Makes LÖVE games releases easier !

   release               Project release directory.
   source                Project source directory.

   -D                    Debian package.
   -M                    MacOS X application.
   -W [32|64]            Windows executable.
   -a <author>, --author <author>
                         Author full name.
   -b                    Compile new or updated files to LuaJIT bytecode.
   -d <desc>, --desc <desc>
                         Project description.
   -e <email>, --email <email>
                         Author email.
   -l <love>, --love <love>
                         LÖVE version to use.
   -p <package>, --package <package>
                         Package and command name.
   -t <title>, --title <title>
                         Project title.
   -u <url>, --url <url> Project homepage url.
   --uti <uti>           Project Uniform Type Identifier.
   -x <exclude_pattern>, --exclude <exclude_pattern>
                         Exclude file patterns.
   -v <v>                Project version.
   --version             Show love-release version and exit.
   -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.

For more info, see https://github.com/MisterDA/love-release


love-release prints to the command-line a Lua table containing the informations it uses to generate your project. These informations can be stored in your conf.lua file to be used later.

function love.conf(t)
  t.releases = {
    title = nil,              -- The project title (string)
    package = nil,            -- The project command and package name (string)
    loveVersion = nil,        -- The project LÖVE version
    version = nil,            -- The project version
    author = nil,             -- Your name (string)
    email = nil,              -- Your email (string)
    description = nil,        -- The project description (string)
    homepage = nil,           -- The project homepage (string)
    identifier = nil,         -- The project Uniform Type Identifier (string)
    excludeFileList = {},     -- File patterns to exclude. (string list)
    releaseDirectory = nil,   -- Where to store the project releases (string)



love-release is only installable through LuaRocks and highly depends on LuaRocks internal API. love-release is currently built on LuaRocks 2.3.0. LuaRocks API is not meant to be stable, and a future update could break love-release.



  • love can be used to determine your system LÖVE version.
  • fakeroot and dpkg-deb are required to create Debian packages.
  • LuaJIT can be used to compile your sources, either with luarocks-luajit or with luajit if it is installed.
Lua binding to libzip

love-release depends on a Lua binding to libzip. I have forked brimworks/lua-zip to integrate new features, and published the fork under the name of lua-libzip in LuaRocks. The name will change when LuaRocks 3 is released.


# latest stable version
luarocks install love-release

# development version
luarocks install --server=http://luarocks.org/dev love-release

Remove Bash version

You may have previously installed the Bash version of love-release. You can remove it with the following piece of code. Take the time to assure yourself that the paths are correct and match your installation of love-release.

rm -rf '/usr/bin/love-release'
rm -rf '/usr/share/love-release'
rm -rf '/usr/share/man/man1/love-release.1.gz'
rm -rf '/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/love-release' '/etc/bash_completion.d/love-release'


The documentation of love-release internals is written with LDoc. Generate it by running ldoc ..
I currently do not plan to continue the development of the Bash script, or even to fix it. If there appears to be any need for it, let me know and I might consider doing so.
Every bug report or feature request is gladly welcome !