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Daily Digest - COVID-19 IN FRANCE

Daily Digest - COVID-19 IN FRANCE

Daily Digest - COVID-19 IN FRANCE is a website that presents daily COVID-19 statistics and news in France in the form of a daily digest.

Website available in traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, English and French.

👉 Check the website here

Note: Daily News Digests are only available in traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese at the moment.

Run the website locally

This project uses Node.js and python 3.

  • Node.js version >= 12.13.0 or above (which can be checked by running node -v).
  • Yarn version >= 1.5 (which can be checked by running yarn --version).


To install required Node packages:

yarn install

To install required python packages:

  • The only package required is openCC, which can be installed via

    pip install opencc
  • Alternatively, you can install from Pipfile (with pipenv, python 3.7 used):

    pipenv install

Build and serve

Build the website:

yarn build

This command generates static content into the build directory, which usually takes a few minutes (5-10 min.).

You can then serve build locally by running:

yarn serve