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Efficiently-updatable double-array trie in Rust (ported from cedar)
Rust C++
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Efficiently-updatable double-array trie in Rust (ported from cedar). This library is tested with reasonably enough of randomized tests, but it is considered as beta since it is not yet tested in high-pressured production environment. Please let me know if you have good use cases to prove its stability.

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Add it to your Cargo.toml:

cedarwood = "0.4"

then you are good to go. If you are using Rust 2015 you have to extern crate cedarwood to your crate root as well.


let dict = vec![
let key_values: Vec<(&str, i32)> = dict.into_iter().enumerate().map(|(k, s)| (s, k as i32)).collect();
let mut cedar = Cedar::new();;

let result: Vec<i32> = cedar.common_prefix_search("abcdefg").iter().map(|x| x.0).collect();
assert_eq!(vec![0, 1, 2], result);

let result: Vec<i32> = cedar
    .map(|x| x.0)
assert_eq!(vec![6, 7, 8], result);

let result: Vec<i32> = cedar
    .map(|x| x.0)
assert_eq!(vec![9, 10, 11, 12], result);

let result: Vec<i32> = cedar
    .map(|x| x.0)
assert_eq!(vec![4], result);

To run benchmark tests

cargo bench 


This work is released under the BSD-2 license, following the original license of C++ cedar. A copy of the license is provided in the LICENSE file.


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