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  1. MobiFlight-Connector MobiFlight-Connector Public

    MobiFlight is an open source project that allows you to create your own home cockpit for your favorite flight simulator in a flexible, affordable and extremely user-friendly way.

    C# 198 93

  2. mobiflight-panels mobiflight-panels Public

    A repository with open source panel designs for flight simulation.

    67 49

  3. MobiFlight-FirmwareSource MobiFlight-FirmwareSource Public

    Firmware source for MobiFlight

    C++ 25 52

  4. mobiflight-pcbs mobiflight-pcbs Public

    PCBs and breakout boards, designed by the MobiFlight community

    5 6

  5. MobiFlight-WASM-Module MobiFlight-WASM-Module Public

    The WASM module is the interface between MobiFlight and MSFS2020

    C++ 47 19

  6. CommunityTemplate CommunityTemplate Public template

    Check out this repository if you want to create your customized MobiFlight firmware



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