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Special considerations

Chrome Apps limitations compare to Cordova

If you're new to Chrome Apps, the biggest gotcha is that some web features are disabled. However, several of these do currently work within Cordova.

When porting a Chrome App to mobile

A Chrome App may not work out of the box on mobile. Some common problems with porting to mobile:

  • Layout issues with small screens, especially while in a portrait orientation.
  • Chrome App window sizes set via will be ignored, instead using the device's density-adjusted dimensions.
    • Suggested fix: Remove hard-coded window dimensions; design your app with different sizes in mind.
  • Small buttons and links will be hard to tap with a finger.
    • Suggested fix: Adjust your touch targets to be at least 44 x 44 points.
  • Unexpected behavior when relying on mouse hover which does not exist on touch screens.
    • Suggested fix: In addition to hover, activate UI elements such as dropdowns and tooltips on tap.
  • A 300ms tap delay on iOS
  • Flashes when tapping on things
    • Suggested fix: Add -webkit-tap-hightlight-color and -webkit-touch-callout to your CSS

Supported Chrome APIs

We've made many of the core Chrome APIs available to Chrome Apps for Mobile.

However, not all Chrome JavaScript APIs are implemented. And not all Chrome Desktop features are available on mobile:

  • no <webview> tag
  • no NaCl
  • no IndexedDB on iOS
  • no getUserMedia() on iOS

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