Touch enabled selectable plugin inspired by the jQuery UI widget.
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Inspired by the jQuery UI Selectable plugin. Functionality and options are identical to the jQuery UI version with some additions and performance enhancements.

Selectable mimics the Windows file / directory behaviour, i.e. click and / or drag to select items, hold CTRL to select multiple or hold SHIFT to select consecutive groups of items.

  • No dependencies
  • Lightweight
  • IE9+
  • Touch enabled

Selectable is still in active development and therefore the API is in constant flux until v1.0.0. Check back regularly for any changes and make sure you have the latest version installed.

v1.0.0-beta is availble, but is not recommended for production use.

Demo | Documentation | Changelog | Table Plugin




bower install selectable.js --save


npm install selectable.js --save


Grab the file from one of the CDNs and include it in your page:


You can replace latest with the required release number if needed.


This will create a new instance and add any element found in the DOM with the "ui-selectable" class name and make them selectable.

const selectable = new Selectable();

Custom filter

If you don't add the "ui-selectable" class name to your items then simply tell the instance what to look for instead with the filter option:

const selectable = new Selectable({
   filter: ".my-classname"

// or

const selectable = new Selectable({
   filter: document.querySelectorAll(".my-classname")

No items

If your document doesn't have any selectable items yet, e.g. they're added asynchronously via an ajax call, then simply create a new instance as normal, then use the add() method when they're available:

const selectable = new Selectable();

// items added to DOM ...

// then...


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Public Methods

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