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Adding declarative, reactive and incremental rules to MPS
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DclareForMPS adds a language aspect named 'rules' to MPS.
A rule typically derives some part of a model.
Rules can trigger other rules.
A rule runs when something changes in the models that is read by this rule (reactive).
The system terminates on a fixpoint (if no changes occur anymore).
The regular MPS base-language can be used to specify the rules.
Rules definitions typically use quotations (light or not) to define the derivations.
The rules are executed incrementally, meaning they perform a minimal amount of changes to derive the defined patterns (expressed in quotations).

Work in progress

DclareForMPS is a work in progress. In this phase of development, no guarantees are given on the stability and scalability of the software.
All feedback, functional or technical, is appreciated.


DclareForMPS uses the transactions framework and the collections library that are part of the JDclare project.
The JDclare project can be found here: JDclare on GitHub


In an installation of JetBrains MPS (2018.3 or higher) ...

  1. install the plugin
  2. open one of the example MPS Projects from DclareForMPS_Examples on GitHub
  3. switch on the Dclare engine (Settings... > Dclare)
    picture alt
  4. rebuild the example project


Multiple examples can be found in the DclareForMPS_Examples repository on GitHub: DclareForMPS_Examples on GitHub

For more info, please read the files that are part of these examples.

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