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radex commented Jun 20, 2019

This is to fix: Nozbe/WatermelonDB#186

Right now, deleting records is not very efficient in WatermelonDB.

Say you have models like this: Blog has_many Post has_many Comment. If you want to delete a blog post, you also have to delete all its posts, and all their comments. This happens one-by-one currently. What we need is the ability to efficiently (and atomically if

a616781689 commented Nov 28, 2019

看了fish-redux的todoList demo,发现里面连接全局状态的方法是使用visitor

visitor: (String path, Page<Object, dynamic> page) {
      /// 只有特定的范围的 Page 才需要建立和 AppStore 的连接关系
      /// 满足 Page<T> ,T 是 GlobalBaseState 的子类
      if (page.isTypeof<GlobalBaseState>()) {
        /// 建立 AppStore 驱动 PageStore 的单向数据连接
        /// 1. 参数1 AppStore
        /// 2. 参数2 当 AppStore.state 变化时, PageStore.state 该如何变化
ryansolid commented Jun 3, 2020

I really would appreciate feedback here. It is so hard for me to see it since I've been so close to this for so long and I've developed apps in this manner for 10 years. I'm going to be the worst person to write the documentation since it is all so second nature for me. Yet, I am most likely going to be the person writing the documentation since I understand how everything works so well.

So can

GVladi commented Oct 1, 2020

Lagom 1.6.4

The akka-persistence-testkit library contains very useful testkit classes, like EventSourcedBehaviorTestKit. Unfortunately the dependency is not listed in the lagom-maven-dependencies BOM. Thus project has to manage this dependency additionally to the lagom one. Including this dependency into the lagom-maven-dependencies will make its usage more comfortable and will prevent a po


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