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A collection of icons representing PGP's implementation in graphical interfaces
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A collection of icons representing PGP's implementation in graphical interfaces. Icons are grouped together according to Encryption, Key, and Signature.


  • Mailpile - A fast modern webmail client for Mac, Linux, and Windows
  • OpenKeychain - An Android app for managing PGP keys
  • GPGTools - A well designed GUI interface for managing PGP keys on Mac OS


Open Lock

The open lock icon SHOULD be used to represent a message or data that is going to be sent "unencrypted"

Unncrypted Icon

Closed Lock

The closed lock icon is used to represent data that WAS encrypted but HAS BEEN successfully decrypted or used for outgoing message or data that WILL BE encrypted.

Encrypted Icon

Error Lock

The error lock icon represents data that IS encrypted and COULD NOT be decrypted.

Error Icon



Use this icon to represent fingrprint of a PGP key

Fingerprint Icon


Use this icon to represent a PGP key or Key ID

Key Icon


Here are the signature state names + description that Mailpile is currently using.


The signature was invalid or bad

Invalid Signature Icon


Watch out, the signature was made with a key that has been revoked- this is not a good thing

Revoked Signature Icon


The signature was made with an expired key

Expired Signature Icon


The signature was made with an unknown key, so we can not verify it

Unknown Signature Icon


The signature was good but it came from a key that is not verified yet

Unverified Signature Icon


The signature was good and came from a verified key, w00t!

Verified Signature Icon

Error & None

The "error" state exists when there was a weird programatic error trying to analyze this signature. The "none" state is what some API's return when there is no signature of a message. There is no icons for either of these states.

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