Tools and ideas to help with PGP keys and fingerprint verification
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This is a repository meant to cover things relating to the user experience of PGP keys. Some of these principles and experience ideas can apply to public key cryptography in general. The basic aspects of key management can be best broken down into the following categories:

Discovery - the act of searching for or finding keys to import into your address book or (your keychain)

Importing - the act of importing a key into your address book (your keychain)

Validity - in the event of a more than one key existing for a given contact, representing which key is most or least valid

Verification - the process of verifiying someone elses public key to be their public key

Revocation - the process of making a key of yours no longer valid

Renewal - the process of updating an existing key or deleting the old key to be replaced by the new key.

Synchronization - the process of synchronizing keys between multiple devices controlled by a single user