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More operators for ints/strings #71

wants to merge 2 commits into from

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MoeOrganization member
  • short-circuiting C-style logical-or ("||") and logical-and ("&&") operators -- I needed to create a new class MoeLazyEval to implement these. Please review. Feel free to improve the name and implementation.
  • equality and relational operators for strings
  • compare operator for ints and strings
MoeOrganization member

Hmm, I made sure to rebase with master before pushing these changes. Not sure why it cannot be automatically merged.

MoeOrganization member
stevan commented Mar 19, 2013

@prakashk for some reason this is not able to be automatically merged again, otherwise looks good to me

MoeOrganization member

I created a new pull request (#72), this time initiated from a different place and it seems ok.

Closing this.

@prakashk prakashk closed this Mar 19, 2013
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