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An Azure Resource manager template that provisions a docker swarm mode cluster.
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Docker swarm mode cluster on Azure

What's in it?

This resource manager template will provision the following resources:

  • A virtual network
  • An availability set
  • 3 virtual machines with the AV set created above. (the numbers, names can be parameterized as per your needs)
  • A load balancer (with public port that round-robins to the 3 VMs on port 80. And allows inbound NAT to the 3 machine via port 5000, 5001 and 5002 to ssh port 22).
  • Configures 3 VMs as docker swarm mode manager.
  • A Virtual machine scale set (VMSS) in the same VNET.
  • 3 Nodes that are joined as worker into the above swarm.
  • Load balancer for VMSS (that allows inbound NATs starts from range 50000 to ssh port 22 on VMSS)

Hope you find it ineteresting!

Powershell deployment

I have a handy powershell script into the repo (Go.ps1) too, which can be used to automate the entire cluster deployment - i.e. can be launched via a automated workflow process (CI/CD for example).


I wrote a blog post to describe little details of the template, you can read it here.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

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