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Repository files navigation - A semi-official website dedicated to the Mojolicious web framework

This site is powered by Statocles. To do anything fancy, please read more about it first.

To contribute to the site, clone the project and install the dependencies

$ git clone
$ cd
$ cpanm --installdeps .

Note that you might need to update your cpanm installation. If the above fails, run cpanm --self-upgrade (or perlbrew install-cpanm depending on if you're using perlbrew, we do) and retry.

To serve the site locally, simply run statocles daemon [--date YYYY-MM-DD]. To see it as of a different date, try the --date flag (useful if you want to postdate a blog post for example). Note that it may take quite a while to startup, Statocles is powerful but it isn't very optimized yet.

To add a new post run statocles blog post [--date YYYY-MM-DD] 'Title of your post', where again the optional date lets you create a post for a future date.

Then when you're done, run the server again to see how it looks. Repeat until you're satisfied, when you are, open a PR.

Author Bios

If you are a new author, you should add biographical information into the the site.yml data under<<unique key>>. This unique key is then referenced in your article's topmatter yaml field.

Data in that object should contain at least name and text values containing your name (or pseudonym) and a blurb about you, respectively. You are encouraged to also link an image. If you have a publicly accessible image, like gravatar, you may use a full url to it. Otherwise, add an image to this site's static directory and link to it. Finally, if you have a twitter account, you may point to it with a twitter key.

    name: 'Joel Berger'
    twitter: '@joelaberger'
    image: ''
    text: |-
      Joel has Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Illinois at Chicago.
      He an avid Perl user and [author]( and is a member of the Mojolicious Core Team.

Other keys may be added but will need to be incorporated into the site renderer to take effect. Please open an issue to discuss.


  • Submit your articles as a Pull Request on this respository.
  • Please add a "fold" to your article at an appropriate place by adding --- as a line where the fold should happen.
  • Please keep all of your files in the post's directory (the one with index.html), this will help keep things orderly.
  • Please use urls that are relative to the site root (not relative to the page) for content above the fold. This is because that content will be show on other pages like the blog scroll.
  • Please don't commit the results of running the deploy command (in live/ or worse in .statocles/), let us do that for you on the production server when its time.

Advent Calendar Only

The following applies only to the annual advent calendar:

  • Each calendar day is tracked via an issue in the repository, one issue per day.
  • Choose a date by commenting on one of the unassigned dates, include a proposed topic and any relevant materials you might already have.
  • If the date is assigned to you:
    • The label will be changed to assigned
    • If you aren't already a member, you should get (and accept) an invitation to the "Authors" team
    • Once you are a member the issue will be properly assigned to you.
  • Please try to have your article in at least first draft form (as a PR) several days prior to your assigned date, the earlier the better.
  • If possible squash and rebase your commits against master before final merge, if not the editors reserve the right to do so for you if needed.
  • The calendar plugin currently only works as expected using a patched version of Statocles that is available on the production server, you may include the calendar yaml entry in your PR but it may not render for you locally.

Acknowledgements and Legal

The style is Sparrow by Styleshout.

All content except where otherwise noted is copyright (c) 2017 Joel Berger.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


A semi-official website dedicated to the Mojolicious web framework






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