🎹A simple & beautiful & fast theme for Hexo.
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A simple & beautiful & fast theme for Hexo.

See demo:

If you are using theme-melody and want to be shown to others like above (It will be stopped when the demo sites' number up to 25), please write down your site in this issue!


Documentation is here. Now it supports en and zh-Hans.

If you meet problems using hexo-theme-melody, it's recommended to read FAQ & Documentation, most of your problems will be solved!


See releases.



Find your hexo work folder

git clone -b master https://github.com/Molunerfinn/hexo-theme-melody themes/melody

If you don't have jade & stylus renderer, follow this:

npm install hexo-renderer-jade hexo-renderer-stylus


For smoothly updating theme-melody, I recommand to create a config file named melody.yml in your hexo work folder's (Notice: not the theme-melody folder) source/_data folder(If it doesn't exist, create one)

Copy the contents of _config.yml to melody.yml. Now you can configure it by yourself and you can update theme-melody smoothly.


Jump into the melody folder, just git pull is OK.

For more details, please check documentation

Browser Support

IE >= 10


  • Doc
  • Search // Algolia support
  • Analysis // Baidu & Google analytics support
  • MathJax // MathJax support
  • i18n // zh-Hans & en support
  • PWA // v1.2 support
  • Performance optimization
  • ...



Copyright (c) 2017 Molunerfinn