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What is it?

A way to start Pry remotely and to connect to it using DRb. This allows to access the state of the running program from anywhere.


gem install pry-remote


Here's a program starting pry-remote:

require 'pry-remote'

class Foo
  def initialize(x, y)
end 10, 20

Running it will prompt you with a message telling you Pry is waiting for a program to connect itself to it:

 [pry-remote] Waiting for client on drb://localhost:9876

You can then connect yourself using pry-remote:

$ pry-remote
From: example.rb @ line 7 in Foo#initialize:
     3: require 'pry-remote'
     5: class Foo
     6:   def initialize(x, y)
 =>  7:     binding.remote_pry
     8:   end
     9: end
    11: 10, 20
pry(#<Foo:0x00000000d9b5e8>):1> self
=> #<Foo:0x1efb3b0>
pry(#<Foo:0x00000001efb3b0>):2> ls -l
Local variables: [
  [0] :_,
  [1] :_dir_,
  [2] :_file_,
  [3] :_ex_,
  [4] :_pry_,
  [5] :_out_,
  [6] :_in_,
  [7] :x,
  [8] :y
pry(#<Foo:0x00000001efb3b0>):3> ^D