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v0.10.5 - The First Update of the Decade

@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this
· 4766 commits to master since this release
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only 9 years to go

Gameplay Changes

  • added some variety to player birthday events

  • certain menus now return to the Talk menu when backing out/neverminding

  • birthdays shown in the calendar now respect years

  • the music hotkeys are now bound to the Music slider in the game menu

  • the game folder has been reorganized a bit. If you are having issues with the in-game updater, see here

Topic Changes


  • monika_instrusive_thoughts
  • monika_sweatercurse
  • monika_immortality
  • monika_career
  • monika_amusementpark
  • monika_travelling
  • monika_metamorphosis
  • 2 new fun facts
  • 4 new stories
  • 1 new brb
  • 1 new compliment
  • 1 new song

prompt changes

  • "Fun facts" -> "Can you tell me a fun fact?"
  • "Immortality" -> "Age gap"


  • typofixes

  • Islands event is now bookmarkable

  • Fixed Shift+M not muting music anymore (as well as other volume hotkeys not working)

  • Fixed crashes related to undo action rules

  • Fixed monika_mountain from being re-randomed when it shouldn't have been

  • Fixed monika_aiwfc not showing intro dialogue

  • Fixed islands dialogue not matching weather

  • Fixed Monika forgetting how many holidays spent together

  • Fixed clothes selectors not unlocking when gifting holiday clothes

  • Fixed gifts not being reacted to on d25 (sorry)

  • Fixed chrismascookies gift not reacting correctly

  • Fixed hair flower ACS being worn with the flower crown

  • Fixed crash when d25 gifts were given but removed before being reacted to

  • Fixed minor arm issue with new years dress

API Changes

  • Fun fact labels use descriptors instead of numbers now
  • persistent.instrument -> persistent._mas_pm_plays_instrument
  • persistent._mas_likes_rain -> persistent._mas_pm_likes_rain
  • new prop restartBlacklist in AddEvent - marks the event as blacklisted from restarting

function additions

  • songs.getUserVolume - returns the user (slider) volume
  • songs.setUserVolume - sets the user (slider) volume (set_volume) should be used for regular renpy operation

function changes

  • songs.getVolume - changed back to return raw channel volume

Special Thanks

  • @multimokia - holding down the fort while I've been busy