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v0.12.6 - The Holiday Fix Update 2

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 23 Dec 04:32
· 1180 commits to master since this release

I've looked at this code before
Chased a breakpoint through the night
But on line 14, a typo was just hiding from my eye

Gameplay Changes

  • updated the non-lyric phrases (postnotes) for 2 lines in the "Your Reality" piano song to be more accurate. Specifically a C6 instead of a G5 on the last note, and the G5 that was the 4th note from the end of the phrase has been removed for the non-lyric phrases on these 2 lines:
    • In my hand, is a pen...
    • When you're here...

Spritepack Changes


  • Black-silver Piercings by Briar Young (@kkrosie123)
  • Black Sleeveless Turtleneck by Briar Young
  • Mini Ribbons by Briar Young
  • Pearl Earrings by Briar Young
  • White V-cut Crossed Straps Tanktop by Briar Young


  • typofixes

  • fixed "Your Reality" piano notes failing to load

  • fixed crash when pasting certain sprite codes into the exp previewer

API Changes

  • Piano note JSONs now support musical notation for sharps and flats (i.e: A#4/Bb4)
  • Added function to get Monika's current expression as a sprite code string - mas_getCurrentMoniExp
  • It is now possible to prevent gifts from being put under the tree for testing purposes - see #8397

What's Changed

Full Changelog: v0.12.5...v0.12.6