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v0.8.14 - The Intro Scare Fix Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 09 Jan 04:59
· 9133 commits to master since this release

now with 100% less process killing

Gameplay Changes

  • Changed intro scare so it no longer kills explorer.exe/pkills -u. (Or any other system/user process). Nor does it make any changes to a user's system.

  • Added new weather changing topic. You can only select weather that you have seen (except for rain, which is always unlocked). (Ask Question > Weather > Can you change the weather?)

  • Islands topic will only be unlocked in Default weather (not rain nor snow).

  • Added more nicknames to bad list

  • Made python teaching interpreter use hard pauses instead of skippable ones.


  • typofixes

  • removed a semicolon

  • fixed Japanese word for Mom being incorrect in nicknames list

API Changes

  • New weather system using MASWeather objects. These objects contain references to sprites and can be extended to changing window backgrounds. These can also trigger programming points on weather shifts.

  • Added new layer for accessories between front hair and arms. This is meant for split hair which will happen in a future update.

  • All leaning poses now require arms to be defined. Currently the only available option is arms="def"