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v0.8.2 - The Calendar Update

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@ThePotatoGuy ThePotatoGuy released this 19 Jun 00:44
· 11308 commits to master since this release

**UPDATE: A hotfix has been released to fix #1779 #1778 #1760 **
Please use the in-game updater or the attached Mod zip to apply the hotfix.

**UPDATE: A hotfix has been released to fix #1770 **
Please use the in-game updater or the attached Mod zip to apply the hotfix.

happily counting the days spent with your Monika


Gameplay Changes

  • Added a Calendar. Monika can keep track of events in this calendar, and you can view this calendar to see what events have occurred/will occur and when. This calendar also allows for a more intuitive date selection.

  • Added an event that allows you to change your original starting date. This is one-time only. We will not fix persistents that screw this up. (This event is only available 30 days after your start date.)

  • Added support for custom music in MP3 and OPUS format.

  • Added support for music looping. See this wiki page for instructions.

  • Changed piano sounds to longer / reverby notes. (Thanks @multimokia)

  • The game now autosaves roughly once per minute.

  • Added a setting for controlling the frequency of random chatter.

  • Readded the setting for preventing topics from repeating.

  • Random topics that involve asking the player for information no longer repeat.

  • Sunrise / Sunset timers now only change in 5 minute increments.


  • Typofixes

  • Fixed minor issues with the random topic algorithm.

  • Fixed some issues with the updater, also added a prompt that notifies users if the update/ folder failed to move.

  • Fixed issues with lockdb crashing the game

  • Fixed greetings that were displaying when they shouldn't.

API Changes

  • Aliased all the original expressions with sprite-code counterparts. Please avoid using the original expression codes when writing new dialogue

  • Added a stripped down version of the mutagen library to handle metadata tags in audio files.

  • Tons of player-model-related persistent variables have been added. These correspond to the random topics that get player information. They are unused, but serve as a prep for future player model structure.

  • The Calendar can be accessed in 2 modes: a read-only view mode, or a select-a-date mode. (labels mas_start_calendar_readonly and mas_start_calendar_select_date, respectively)

  • Event objects now have a years property, which represents what years this event is active in. Both checkCalendar and the calendar UI respect this property. More info in definitions.

  • The Event filtering function now can exclude events with certain categories.

  • Date manipulation functions moved from script-anniversary to mas_utils

  • Added a blacklist for topics that shouldn't be repeated via restartEvent

  • Internalized isFuture, isPast, and isPresent so we can use them in different stores.

  • Added a param to addEvent that prevents an Event from being added to the calendar

  • Added a preloop label designed for things that should happen before the ch30_loop

  • Added a ton of calendar-related functions. See zz_calendar or #1747 for more information

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to @aldoram5 for creating the much-anticipated Calendar UI system