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This library uses MathGL to plot, please download and compile it, then put it on your path (or just in this dir) so julia can find it.

If you don't want to compile it yourself, I've uploaded the version I use. It was compiled on Ubuntu 11.10 x64, so maybe it works for you - it's in the downloads area.


Too plot a singe function:

	plot(x -> sin(x), -4, 4, "sample.png")

	plot(function, xmin, xmax, filename)

Advanced Plotting

If you want to plot more than one function, use the advanced interface:

	# create new plot of size 800x300
	pl = Plot(800, 300)

	# add functions
	add(pl, x -> sin(x))
	# optionally choose a color
	add(pl, x -> 2*cos(x), "b")

	# export to a file
	paint(pl, "myplot.png")


Wait, there's more!

Of course, you can also pass the data directly, without specifying a generating function. And you don't have to use line charts either - we also support bar charts!

For example, we might want to check how random julia's rand() function really is. On simplistic approach might look like this:

	# generate random data
	num_bins = 50
	data = zeros(Float32, num_bins)
	[ data[ 1 + ifloor(rand()*num_bins)] += 1 | i=1:100000]

	# plot it so we can see clustering
	dpl = DataPlot(800, 300)
	add(dpl, data, "r")
	dpl.plot_type = "bars"
	paint(dpl, 0, 1, "random.png")