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#pragma once
* Copyright (C) 2005-2008 Team XBMC
* This Program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with XBMC; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
* the Free Software Foundation, 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#include "cores/IPlayer.h"
#include "threads/Thread.h"
#include "IDVDPlayer.h"
#include "DVDMessageQueue.h"
#include "DVDClock.h"
#include "DVDPlayerAudio.h"
#include "DVDPlayerVideo.h"
#include "DVDPlayerSubtitle.h"
#include "DVDPlayerTeletext.h"
//#include "DVDChapterReader.h"
#include "DVDSubtitles/DVDFactorySubtitle.h"
#include "utils/BitstreamStats.h"
#include "Edl.h"
#include "FileItem.h"
#include "threads/SingleLock.h"
class CDVDInputStream;
class CDVDDemux;
class CDemuxStreamVideo;
class CDemuxStreamAudio;
class CStreamInfo;
#define DVDSTATE_NORMAL 0x00000001 // normal dvd state
#define DVDSTATE_STILL 0x00000002 // currently displaying a still frame
#define DVDSTATE_WAIT 0x00000003 // waiting for demuxer read error
#define DVDSTATE_SEEK 0x00000004 // we are finishing a seek request
class CCurrentStream
int id; // demuxerid of current playing stream
int source;
double dts; // last dts from demuxer, used to find disncontinuities
double dur; // last frame expected duration
CDVDStreamInfo hint; // stream hints, used to notice stream changes
void* stream; // pointer or integer, identifying stream playing. if it changes stream changed
bool inited;
bool started; // has the player started
const StreamType type;
const int player;
// stuff to handle starting after seek
double startpts;
CCurrentStream(StreamType t, int i)
: type(t)
, player(i)
void Clear()
id = -1;
stream = NULL;
inited = false;
started = false;
startpts = DVD_NOPTS_VALUE;
double dts_end()
if(dts == DVD_NOPTS_VALUE)
if(dur == DVD_NOPTS_VALUE)
return dts;
return dts + dur;
typedef struct
StreamType type;
int type_index;
std::string filename;
std::string filename2; // for vobsub subtitles, 2 files are necessary (idx/sub)
std::string language;
std::string name;
CDemuxStream::EFlags flags;
int source;
int id;
std::string codec;
int channels;
} SelectionStream;
typedef std::vector<SelectionStream> SelectionStreams;
class CSelectionStreams
CCriticalSection m_section;
SelectionStream m_invalid;
{ = -1;
m_invalid.source = STREAM_SOURCE_NONE;
m_invalid.type = STREAM_NONE;
std::vector<SelectionStream> m_Streams;
int IndexOf (StreamType type, int source, int id) const;
int IndexOf (StreamType type, CDVDPlayer& p) const;
int Count (StreamType type) const { return IndexOf(type, STREAM_SOURCE_NONE, -1) + 1; }
SelectionStream& Get (StreamType type, int index);
bool Get (StreamType type, CDemuxStream::EFlags flag, SelectionStream& out);
SelectionStreams Get(StreamType type);
template<typename Compare> SelectionStreams Get(StreamType type, Compare compare)
SelectionStreams streams = Get(type);
std::stable_sort(streams.begin(), streams.end(), compare);
return streams;
void Clear (StreamType type, StreamSource source);
int Source (StreamSource source, std::string filename);
void Update (SelectionStream& s);
void Update (CDVDInputStream* input, CDVDDemux* demuxer);
class CDVDPlayer : public IPlayer, public CThread, public IDVDPlayer
CDVDPlayer(IPlayerCallback& callback);
virtual ~CDVDPlayer();
virtual bool OpenFile(const CFileItem& file, const CPlayerOptions &options);
virtual bool CloseFile();
virtual bool IsPlaying() const;
virtual void Pause();
virtual bool IsPaused() const;
virtual bool HasVideo() const;
virtual bool HasAudio() const;
virtual bool IsPassthrough() const;
virtual bool CanSeek();
virtual void Seek(bool bPlus, bool bLargeStep);
virtual bool SeekScene(bool bPlus = true);
virtual void SeekPercentage(float iPercent);
virtual float GetPercentage();
virtual float GetCachePercentage();
virtual void SetVolume(float nVolume) { m_dvdPlayerAudio.SetVolume(nVolume); }
virtual void SetDynamicRangeCompression(long drc) { m_dvdPlayerAudio.SetDynamicRangeCompression(drc); }
virtual void GetAudioInfo(CStdString& strAudioInfo);
virtual void GetVideoInfo(CStdString& strVideoInfo);
virtual void GetGeneralInfo( CStdString& strVideoInfo);
virtual void Update(bool bPauseDrawing) { m_dvdPlayerVideo.Update(bPauseDrawing); }
virtual void GetVideoRect(CRect& SrcRect, CRect& DestRect) { m_dvdPlayerVideo.GetVideoRect(SrcRect, DestRect); }
virtual void GetVideoAspectRatio(float& fAR) { fAR = m_dvdPlayerVideo.GetAspectRatio(); }
virtual bool CanRecord();
virtual bool IsRecording();
virtual bool Record(bool bOnOff);
virtual void SetAVDelay(float fValue = 0.0f);
virtual float GetAVDelay();
virtual void SetSubTitleDelay(float fValue = 0.0f);
virtual float GetSubTitleDelay();
virtual int GetSubtitleCount();
virtual int GetSubtitle();
virtual void GetSubtitleName(int iStream, CStdString &strStreamName);
virtual void GetSubtitleLanguage(int iStream, CStdString &strStreamLang);
virtual void SetSubtitle(int iStream);
virtual bool GetSubtitleVisible();
virtual void SetSubtitleVisible(bool bVisible);
virtual bool GetSubtitleExtension(CStdString &strSubtitleExtension) { return false; }
virtual int AddSubtitle(const CStdString& strSubPath);
virtual int GetAudioStreamCount();
virtual int GetAudioStream();
virtual void GetAudioStreamName(int iStream, CStdString &strStreamName);
virtual void SetAudioStream(int iStream);
virtual void GetAudioStreamLanguage(int iStream, CStdString &strLanguage);
virtual TextCacheStruct_t* GetTeletextCache();
virtual void LoadPage(int p, int sp, unsigned char* buffer);
virtual int GetChapterCount();
virtual int GetChapter();
virtual void GetChapterName(CStdString& strChapterName);
virtual int SeekChapter(int iChapter);
virtual void SeekTime(int64_t iTime);
virtual int64_t GetTime();
virtual int64_t GetTotalTime();
virtual void ToFFRW(int iSpeed);
virtual bool OnAction(const CAction &action);
virtual bool HasMenu();
virtual int GetAudioBitrate();
virtual int GetVideoBitrate();
virtual int GetSourceBitrate();
virtual int GetChannels();
virtual CStdString GetAudioCodecName();
virtual CStdString GetVideoCodecName();
virtual int GetPictureWidth();
virtual int GetPictureHeight();
virtual bool GetStreamDetails(CStreamDetails &details);
virtual bool GetCurrentSubtitle(CStdString& strSubtitle);
virtual CStdString GetPlayerState();
virtual bool SetPlayerState(CStdString state);
virtual CStdString GetPlayingTitle();
enum ECacheState
, CACHESTATE_FULL // player is filling up the demux queue
, CACHESTATE_INIT // player is waiting for first packet of each stream
, CACHESTATE_PLAY // player is waiting for players to not be stalled
, CACHESTATE_FLUSH // temporary state player will choose startup between init or full
virtual bool IsCaching() const { return m_caching == CACHESTATE_FULL; }
virtual int GetCacheLevel() const ;
virtual int OnDVDNavResult(void* pData, int iMessage);
friend class CSelectionStreams;
class StreamLock : public CSingleLock
inline StreamLock(CDVDPlayer* cdvdplayer) : CSingleLock(cdvdplayer->m_critStreamSection) {}
virtual void OnStartup();
virtual void OnExit();
virtual void Process();
bool OpenAudioStream(int iStream, int source);
bool OpenVideoStream(int iStream, int source);
bool OpenSubtitleStream(int iStream, int source);
bool OpenTeletextStream(int iStream, int source);
bool CloseAudioStream(bool bWaitForBuffers);
bool CloseVideoStream(bool bWaitForBuffers);
bool CloseSubtitleStream(bool bKeepOverlays);
bool CloseTeletextStream(bool bWaitForBuffers);
void ProcessPacket(CDemuxStream* pStream, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
void ProcessAudioData(CDemuxStream* pStream, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
void ProcessVideoData(CDemuxStream* pStream, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
void ProcessSubData(CDemuxStream* pStream, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
void ProcessTeletextData(CDemuxStream* pStream, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
int AddSubtitleFile(const std::string& filename, const std::string& subfilename = "", CDemuxStream::EFlags flags = CDemuxStream::FLAG_NONE);
* one of the DVD_PLAYSPEED defines
void SetPlaySpeed(int iSpeed);
int GetPlaySpeed() { return m_playSpeed; }
void SetCaching(ECacheState state);
int64_t GetTotalTimeInMsec();
double GetQueueTime();
bool GetCachingTimes(double& play_left, double& cache_left, double& file_offset);
void FlushBuffers(bool queued, double pts = DVD_NOPTS_VALUE, bool accurate = true);
void HandleMessages();
void HandlePlaySpeed();
bool IsInMenu() const;
void SynchronizePlayers(unsigned int sources);
void SynchronizeDemuxer(unsigned int timeout);
void CheckAutoSceneSkip();
void CheckContinuity(CCurrentStream& current, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
bool CheckSceneSkip(CCurrentStream& current);
bool CheckPlayerInit(CCurrentStream& current, unsigned int source);
bool CheckStartCaching(CCurrentStream& current);
void UpdateCorrection(DemuxPacket* pkt, double correction);
void UpdateTimestamps(CCurrentStream& current, DemuxPacket* pPacket);
void SendPlayerMessage(CDVDMsg* pMsg, unsigned int target);
bool ReadPacket(DemuxPacket*& packet, CDemuxStream*& stream);
bool IsValidStream(CCurrentStream& stream);
bool IsBetterStream(CCurrentStream& current, CDemuxStream* stream);
bool OpenInputStream();
bool OpenDemuxStream();
void OpenDefaultStreams();
void UpdateApplication(double timeout);
void UpdatePlayState(double timeout);
double m_UpdateApplication;
bool m_bAbortRequest;
std::string m_filename; // holds the actual filename
std::string m_mimetype; // hold a hint to what content file contains (mime type)
ECacheState m_caching;
CFileItem m_item;
CCurrentStream m_CurrentAudio;
CCurrentStream m_CurrentVideo;
CCurrentStream m_CurrentSubtitle;
CCurrentStream m_CurrentTeletext;
CSelectionStreams m_SelectionStreams;
int m_playSpeed;
struct SSpeedState
double lastpts; // holds last display pts during ff/rw operations
double lasttime;
} m_SpeedState;
int m_errorCount;
double m_offset_pts;
CDVDMessageQueue m_messenger; // thread messenger
CDVDPlayerVideo m_dvdPlayerVideo; // video part
CDVDPlayerAudio m_dvdPlayerAudio; // audio part
CDVDPlayerSubtitle m_dvdPlayerSubtitle; // subtitle part
CDVDTeletextData m_dvdPlayerTeletext; // teletext part
CDVDClock m_clock; // master clock
CDVDOverlayContainer m_overlayContainer;
CDVDInputStream* m_pInputStream; // input stream for current playing file
CDVDDemux* m_pDemuxer; // demuxer for current playing file
CDVDDemux* m_pSubtitleDemuxer;
CStdString m_lastSub;
struct SDVDInfo
void Clear()
iSelectedSPUStream = -1;
iSelectedAudioStream = -1;
iDVDStillTime = 0;
iDVDStillStartTime = 0;
int state; // current dvdstate
unsigned int iDVDStillTime; // total time in ticks we should display the still before continuing
unsigned int iDVDStillStartTime; // time in ticks when we started the still
int iSelectedSPUStream; // mpeg stream id, or -1 if disabled
int iSelectedAudioStream; // mpeg stream id, or -1 if disabled
} m_dvd;
struct SPlayerState
SPlayerState() { Clear(); }
void Clear()
timestamp = 0;
time = 0;
time_total = 0;
time_offset = 0;
player_state = "";
chapter = 0;
chapter_name = "";
chapter_count = 0;
canrecord = false;
recording = false;
demux_video = "";
demux_audio = "";
cache_bytes = 0;
cache_level = 0.0;
cache_delay = 0.0;
cache_offset = 0.0;
double timestamp; // last time of update
double time_offset; // difference between time and pts
double time; // current playback time
double time_total; // total playback time
double dts; // last known dts
std::string player_state; // full player state
int chapter; // current chapter
std::string chapter_name; // name of current chapter
int chapter_count;// number of chapter
bool canrecord; // can input stream record
bool recording; // are we currently recording
std::string demux_video;
std::string demux_audio;
int64_t cache_bytes; // number of bytes current's cached
double cache_level; // current estimated required cache level
double cache_delay; // time until cache is expected to reach estimated level
double cache_offset; // percentage of file ahead of current position
} m_State;
CCriticalSection m_StateSection;
CEvent m_ready;
CCriticalSection m_critStreamSection; // need to have this lock when switching streams (audio / video)
CEdl m_Edl;
struct SEdlAutoSkipMarkers {
void Clear()
cut = -1;
commbreak_start = -1;
commbreak_end = -1;
seek_to_start = false;
mute = false;
int cut; // last automatically skipped EDL cut seek position
int commbreak_start; // start time of the last commercial break automatically skipped
int commbreak_end; // end time of the last commercial break automatically skipped
bool seek_to_start; // whether seeking can go back to the start of a previously skipped break
bool mute; // whether EDL mute is on
} m_EdlAutoSkipMarkers;
CPlayerOptions m_PlayerOptions;
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