SE Commons is a collection of utilities and tools arose from the development of MontiCore. This is a mirror only.
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SE Commons

SE Commons is a collection of utilities and tools. It is among others used development of MontiCore. However, these libraries can be used independently from MontiCore. SE Commons comprises the following components:

  • se-commons-utilities
    • utility classes such as SourceCodePosition, CLIArguments, and helpers for handling (qualified or lists of) names or Strings.
  • se-commons-logging
    • Logging utilities used by MontiCore and its derivates
  • se-commons-groovy
    • helpers to interpret Groovy scripts such as the GroovyRunner and GroovyInterpreter.
  • se-commons-montitoolbox
    • Java Doc doclet that produces Wiki pages in Markdown format that can be uploaded to the MontiToolBox Wiki. Further information on MontiToolBox can be found here.


  • LGPL V3.0 (for handwritten Java code)
  • BSD-3-Clause (for templates and all generated artifacts)
  • Allows us free use of the software.


Please make sure that your complete workspace only uses UNIX line endings (LF) and all files are UTF-8 without BOM. On Windows you should configure git to not automatically replace LF with CRLF during checkout by executing the following configuration:

git config --global core.autocrlf input