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At Barkley we have several client visits and team meeting each week. Food is frequently available and if there are left overs, our front desk person (Eddie) notifies the entire company via an e-mail blast. Food goes fast and this application helps the moonshot lab team get notified first!

You can check out the Moonshot Tumblr for more details.


How it Works

I'm using a webhook provided by to constantly monitor my inbox for new messages from Eddie. When one arrives, this application checks to see if the contents/subject of the e-mail look like food (donuts, Dean and Deluca, Jack Stack, etc. If a match exists, the app will then notify a spark core of what's available and will give it's best guess as to what floor to get it.

Setting up Keys

If you'd like to set up your own variety, you'll need to create the following environment variables:

  • SPARK_CORE_ID - The unique id of your spark core
  • SPARK_CORE_TOKEN - Your spark cores access token
  • CONTEXT_IO_KEY - Your api key
  • CONTEXT_IO_SECRET - Your api secret


AMAZING!!! The moonshot team is nearly always the first on the scene when free food arrives.

Testing the Spark

I've written the following curl commands to help me ensure the spark is working correctly.

  • Retrive spark api methods (ensures connection) - curl{deviceID}?access_token={accessToken}
  • Set the state of a digital pin and the servo - curl{deviceId}/updateState -d access_token={accessToken} -d params={pinId},{servoPosition}



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