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HTML5 Based Pentax Firmware Decrypter

Based on svenpeter42's code. Made for the PHDK project. All the decryption is done client-side. Nothing needs to be uploaded.


  1. Use Google Chrome. It will probably work in Firefox, but I've not tested it. It does not work Safari. If you ask me about Internet Explorer, I'll probably just laugh at you.
  2. Download the Pentax K-30 firmware file from ricoh-imaging. You'll want version 1.05. I assume that you're doing because you're interested in PHDK. In that case, you NEED TO USE 1.05.
  3. Go to
  4. Drag the file fwdc215b.bin into the web page's drop zone.
  5. In a couple seconds, the decrypted file will be transferred to your downloads folder.
  6. Verify that the md5 checksum of the decrypted file is 0afe2524251009b97639316edfe1c410.


Now, I didn't pass the bar but I know a little bit / Enough that you won't illegally use this s%!^.

Well the code is based on svenpeter42's pfwtool (see above), and that code is licensed under GPL v2. Which means this is required to be licensed under GPL as well.

Unicode Puppy

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