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Calculates and subtracts drop costs per mech selected for a mission
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BattleTech mod (using BTML) that makes you pay an operational cost for each mech you want to use in a mission, based on its chassis price.


** Warning: Uses the experimental BTML mod loader that might change, come here again to check for updates **


  • You now pay an operational cost based on the mechs you send to the mission.
  • Lighter mechs are cheaper so it's a decision if you really need those 4 assaults.


Setting Type Default Description
percentageOfMechCost float default 0.0025 set this to anything between 0 and 1 to set the percentage of the chassis cost you have to pay for the mission. 0 = 0%, 1 = 100%
CostByTons bool default false set this to true if you want tonnage to be the factor to determine the drop costs.
cbillsPerTon int default 500 if CostByTons is true, this sets the cost per ton.
someFreeTonnage bool default false Activates free tonnage mode.
freeTonnageAmount int default 0 Sets the ammount of tons that are free from costs.


Downloads can be found on github.


  • After installing BTML, put everything into \BATTLETECH\mods\ folder and launch the game.
  • In \BATTLETECH\mods\DropCostPerMech you will find the settings.json in which you can change the settings.
  • Start the game.
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