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Data Science Portfolio completed both in the academia and for self-learning.
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Data Science Portfolio

This Portfolio contains diverse projects in Data Science completed both in the academia and in self-learning fashion.


1. Machine Learning

  • Telco Customer Churn Problem : Data analysis and Machine Learning to solve Telco customer churn. Blog article

  • Boston Houses : Linear regression tutorial comparing from scratch numpy/pandas implementation against scikit-learn to predict the best price that a client can sell his house. Blog article

  • Higgs Boson Prediction : Predict if a signature results from a Higgs Boson (signal) or some other process (background). All ML models are implementended from scratch using only Numpy.

  • tweet Sentiment Classification : Positive/Negative sentiment analysis classification of tweets using traditional machine learning techniques.

2. Deep Learning

3. Systems, Databases and Data-Parallel Programming

  • hogwild-spark : Parallel synchronous and asynchronous versions of SGD in Spark on Kubernetes for learning support-vector machines.

  • hogwild-multicore : Multicore implementation of the sparse SVM problem

  • Robust-Journey Planner : Public transport route planner based on CSA

4. Data Analysis and NLP

  • brazilian-e-commerce : Data-driven strategic analysis of Olist, brazilian E-commerce platform.

  • Fake News : Fake News : An average Citizen's guide

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