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Layout & Look

  • layout - [String] Specify which keyboard layout to use.
  • customLayout - [Array] Specify a custom layout.
  • position [Object] or [Boolean] Set keyboard positioning; set to it false to not use jQuery UI positioning utility.
  • reposition [Boolean] Allow jQuery UI position utility to reposition the keyboard on window resize.
  • css - [Object] Class names used to make the keyboard work with jQuery UI theming.


  • display - [Object] Button language / symbol options.
  • language - [Array] or [String] Set this to the ISO 639-1 language code to override the language set by the layout (defaults to "en")
  • wheelMessage - [String] Message to tell users about the hidden feature.
  • comboRegex - [RegExp] Regular expression used to match set diacritic combinations.
  • combos [Object] List of diacritic combinations (simplified version; see combos under Usability for more detail).
  • rtl [Boolean] Flag which when true, indicates that a language is in the direction from right-to-left.


  • acceptValid - [Boolean] Check input against validate function; toggles the accept button (disabled if invalid).
  • alwaysOpen - [Boolean] Keyboard will always remain visible.
  • appendLocally - [Boolean] Append the keyboard locally (next to the input), so tabNavigation will work
  • appendTo - [String] or [Object] jQuery selector string or object pointing to where you want the keyboard to be appended.
  • autoAccept - [Boolean] Auto-accept content when clicking outside the keyboard (popup will close).
  • autoAcceptOnEsc - [Boolean] Auto-accept content even if the user presses escape (only works if autoAccept is true).
  • autoAcceptOnValid - [Boolean] Auto-accept immediately when content is valid (requires acceptValid & validate).
  • cancelClose - [Boolean] if acceptValid is true & the validate function returns false, this option will cancel the close by the accept button
  • caretToEnd [Boolean] Caret placed at the end of any text when keyboard becomes visible.
  • closeByClickEvent [Boolean] Allows the user to scroll the page without closing the keyboard.
  • combos [Object] Contains the list of diacritics. Not listed in the options, but you can add more if you wish.
  • enterMod - [String] Key pressed to go to the previous input/textarea.
  • enterNavigation - [Boolean] Press enter (shift-enter in textarea) to go to the next input field.
  • ignoreEsc - [Boolean] Escape does not close the keyboard.
  • initialFocus [Boolean] Give the preview initial focus when the keyboard becomes visible.
  • keyBinding - [String] Mouse event used to interact with the key.
  • lockInput - [Boolean] Allow access to the preview window from outside the virtual keyboard.
  • maxInsert - [Boolean] Allow inserting characters at caret when maxLength is set.
  • maxLength - [Boolean/Number] Set a maximum length to the content.
  • noFocus [Boolean] Avoid focusing the input the keyboard is attached to.
  • openOn - [String] Event used to open the keyboard.
  • preventPaste - [Boolean] Prevents pasting content into the input/textarea by either (ctrl-v) or the right-click menu.
  • repeatDelay - [Number] Time in milliseconds to pause before starting key repeat (mouse/touch only).
  • repeatRate - [Number] Rate of characters per second to add mouse/touch keys to the input area.
  • resetDefault - [Boolean] Resets the visible keyset to the default when the keyboard opens.
  • restrictInclude - [String] Additional characters to allow when restrictInput is set (space separated).
  • restrictInput - [Boolean] Prevents keys not in the displayed keyboard from being typed in the input area.
  • scrollAdjustment [Number/String] Caret distance (number of pixels;'c' from center) from the inner edge of the input while scrolling.
  • stayOpen - [Boolean] Keyboard remains open when input loses focus.
  • stickyShift - [Boolean] Shift key stays active until it is clicked again
  • stopAtEnd - [Boolean] Toggles wrapping to the first or last element when the default switch input function is used.
  • tabNavigation - [Boolean] Allow using the tab key to navigate between other inputs on the page.
  • useCombos [Boolean] Allows users to type in key combos to add characters with diacritics.
  • usePreview - [Boolean] Include a preview input or use the original.
  • useWheel [Boolean] Enable/disable mousewheel functionality (enabling still depends on the mousewheel plugin).
  • userClosed [Boolean] Prevents the keyboard from closing when the user clicks or presses outside the keyboard.

Methods (callback options)

  • accepted [Function] Executed only after the contents of the input have been accepted.
  • beforeClose [Function] Executed immediately before the keyboard is closed.
  • beforeInsert [Function] Intercept and change the value before it is inserted into the input or textarea.
  • beforeVisible [Function] Executed immediately before the keyboard become visible.
  • buildKey [Function] Executed during the initial build of a keyboard layout & allows you to modify the HTML of the key.
  • canceled [Function] Executed only if the user cancels the keyboard changes.
  • change [Function] Executed on every keyboard interaction no matter the setting of the usePreview option.
  • hidden [Function] Executed immediately before the keyboard become hidden.
  • initialized [Function] Executed after the keyboard has initialized.
  • restricted [Function] Executed when the restrictInput option is true and the user entered an invalid key on "keypress".
  • switchInput [Function] Executed when the enterNavigation option is true and the user presses enter (input only) or shift+enter.
  • validate [Function] Executed when the user modifies the input value. Return true for valid entries.
  • visible [Function] Executed after the keyboard has become visible.


  • actionClass - [String] Class name used to make keys a different color. Replaced by buttonAction within the css option.

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