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⛔️ Kwicks for jQuery - fork of jQuery Kwicks by Jeremy Martin
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Kwicks 2.0.0 Released

Forked version (no longer in development)


  • Updated version of Kwicks for jQuery 1.5.1 by Jeremy Martin.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Modes.
  • Min vs. Max - Specify the width/height of all non-active kwicks instead.
  • Sticky Mode - When enabled, one kwick will always be open. This allows for more of an "accordion" type experience.
  • Custom Trigger Events - specify a trigger event for the opening &ampl closing animation.
  • Smooth Animation.
  • Get or set the active kwick, or collapse all kwicks.
  • Event hooks & callbacks added to allow extension of the plugin.
  • Run a slideshow of the panels.

###Demos & Documentation

###Recent Changes

Version 2.1.3 (5/21/2012)

  • Modified how kwick panels are indexed. This should fix issue #6 which involves using kwicks with PIE.
  • Added package.json file for registration with jQuery plugins.

Version 2.1.2 (2/16/2012)

  • Added an initialized callback which is triggered/called after Kwicks has initialized.
  • Fixed an issue with setting options showNext to -1 and sticky to true not showing the last kwick.

Version 2.1.1 (11/28/2011)

  • Kwick no longer opens if you mouseenter & mouseleave quickly. Fix for issue #2.

Version 2.1 (11/24/2011)

  • Fixed a problem that was happening in jQuery v1.7+ (bug report) where the kwicks would not collapse. Fix for issue #1.

  • Added slideshow options:

  • showDuration - Slideshow duration in milliseconds (default is 2000 ms).

  • showNext - Slideshow method; 1 goes forward, -1 goes backwards and 0 shows a random panel (default is 1).

  • Start or stop the slideshow as follows:

     // start slideshow
     // stop slideshow
  • Included playing and paused callbacks

  • Included kwicks-playing and kwicks-paused events.

  • Hovering over the kwicks will pause the slideshow. If event and eventClose are set to click, then the slideshow will resume when unhovered.

  • Added shortcut method to open and close kwicks:

  • Open Kwick example (zero based index): $('#kwick').kwicks(1);.

  • Close Kwick example (use any negative number): $('#kwick').kwicks(-1);.

  • Added shortcut callback method:

  • Open or close Kwicks with a callback

     $('#kwicks').kwicks(1, function(obj){ // obj = kwicks object
       alert('Now on panel #' +;
  • The <ul> and <li> structure is no longer required - use any elements.

  • Added a ".kwicks" namespace to internal events (event, eventClose, etc) - this doesn't change the callback/events that are triggered.

  • Updated demo page to follow HTML5 formatting.

  • General script cleanup.

  • Moved documentation to the wiki pages.

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