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Target browsers which aren't @font-face* ready and serve them alternative solutions.     *SVG format not included
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Lack of @font-face Support Detection

You can use this filter to selectively serve something else to browsers which don't support TTF/OTF/WOFF embedding through @font-face.


Browsers Filtered

  • Safari
  • Chrome¹
  • Opera
  • Gecko-based browsers
  • Konqueror²


  • SVG format [planned]


Internet Explorer supports @font-face since version 4.
Still if you wanna target a specific version of IE you could use downlevel-revealed conditional comments and add ||(!+"\v1") to the filter.

Reminder: ids can potentially pollute the global scope so remember to avoid naming them chrome, opera or konqueror.

¹ except–11
² except 4.3 ß1–RC1

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