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Open Source Statement

MoveOn open sources code when we determine it is useful to other groups, and we can support the project’s community to the extent that the project needs support.

We have projects of very different sizes and levels of support that we maintain as open source code, and intend to continue to look for opportunities to be movement generous in our tech work. We see the following as the biggest benefits to open sourcing our work:

  1. Create opportunities for smaller orgs to access important movement tools when there are cost or political barriers to using other market tools
  2. Build technical partnerships with other orgs through collaborating on tools
  3. Prevent the market consolidation of our tools. Open sourced movement owned tools create necessary market competition that help the ecosystem stay innovative and affordable. They also can't be fully privatized because the source code is public.
  4. Stay Movement Generous with our in house tech team's capacity and vision
  5. Collaborate with the progressive tech ecosystem and give volunteer engineers opportunities to use their tech skills to help the movement


  1. eventroller eventroller Public

    Event aggregator and manager across event CRMs/websites used in progressive politics

    Python 10 6

  2. actionkit-templates actionkit-templates Public

    ActionKit template utilities

    Python 10 4


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