View tables, check queries and see entity descriptions for a SQLite3 database
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#Read Me Last Updated - 25th July 2013.

##The Program SQLite Inspector provides a method of browsing data, executing queries and viewing the entity descriptions of a valid SQLite3 database file.

It has been developed to assist A-Level students who are developing projects using a combination of Python 3, SQLite 3 and PyQt 4. SQLite Inspector provides a way for them to ensure:

  • that any changes they have made to the database have been successful
  • to test the syntax of their queries
  • to check their entity descriptions

This project takes its main inspiration from SQLite Database Browser, which we had been using previously for this task. Unfortunately, there are bugs in that program that mean that it was frustrating for my students to use. Since the project does not appear to be actively maintained and as I am not a C programmer, I decided to write a similar utility in Python that would have only the features that we need.

##Installing and running the program

There are two main ways to use the program:

  1. Executing the Python source file
  2. Using one of the available binary files

###Python source files

To run the program using the source files you will need to have the following installed:

  • Python 3.3
  • PyQt 4.9.6
  • QSQLite plugin

The program may work with other versions of Python and PyQt but I haven't tested this out.

If you are unsure how to install these then I suggest you stick to the executable for your system.

###Bugs and Errors

If you encounter any bugs or unexpected functionality please either e-mail me at or submit an issue on the project GitHub page.

##Known Issues The program has not been extensively tested yet and therefore may not function as intended. Therefore, if you are working with critical data you should back it up before using it with this program.

Known issues include:

  • When switching back to the "Browse data" tab the first table is always shown even if you had previously displayed another table (Fixed 05/04/2013)

  • If you execute a query from the "Execute query" tab and then use an external program to insert data to the database and then attempt to refresh the view from the "Browse Data" tab the program will not enable you to do this (Fixed 16/04/2013)

  • If you query the database from the "execute query" tab and then use an external program to insert further data the program will not display this data on refreshing the "browse data view" (Fixed 25/07/2013)


This is my first attempt at an open source project and therefore I am unsure that I have correctly licensed all of the code. My intention is that all of the code is available under the GPL version 3 license.

Please let me know if I have messed this up!


I have mainly created this program to help my own students with their A-Level projects but I hope that it is useful for other teachers and maybe others as well.

I am happy to receive feedback and if you would like to contribute you can find the main repository for this project on my github page.


Adam. (