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We are an enthusiastic international team, focused on delivering flexible services utilizing Blockchain Technology and Atlassian Ecosystem tools.

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  1. Plugin of Jira Calendar Gadget modified to show the issue colors by StatusCategory instead of Priority. Compatible with Jira 7.x and Jira 8.x

    Java 6 1

  2. code examples

    Groovy 4 2

  3. This plugin extends the Issues in Epic panel of Jira and show the Priority icon and DueDate in each ticket. Compatible with Jira 7.x-8.x

    Java 2 2

  4. Open Source Confluence Server plugin to improve the standard usability of Confluence with simple tricks

    Java 1 1

  5. ConfluenceNotificationsforJira Open Source Jira add-on by MrAddon

    Java 1 1


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