A custom container view controller built with support for custom child view controller transition animations, in seven stages
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Container Transitions



This is the code repository accompanying the Interactive Custom Container View Controller Transitions blog post at iOS Nomad.

The work is a continuation on the Custom Container View Controller Transitions article and code by Joachim Bondo, issue #12 of the objc.io publication.

Following the steps already covered by Joachim Bondo, interactive transitions are added to the custom container view controller in four additional steps:

  1. Adding a Gesture Recognizer: creating PanGestureInteractiveTransition to trigger an animated transition between child view controllers (stage-4, diff)

  2. Making it Interactive: AWPercentDrivenInteractiveTransition is added to the project and basic interaction is implemented. (stage-5, diff)

  3. Abort: Enabling cancellation of transitions (stage-6, diff)

  4. Delegation: Implementing delegation of interactive transitions (stage-7, diff)

Stage 6