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Waterfox 68 Add-ons

The Thunderbird team have put a lot of effort into maintaining support for overlay and bootstrap extensions and have done an incredible job. Waterfox uses that code to enable the same support. This page uses documentation (modified to suit Waterfox) from Thunderbird to list changes made since the Quantum project and how to update older legacy extensions to work in the upcoming version of Waterfox.

Required Changes

There are two types of changes which might be required to make your legacy extensions compatible:

  • Overlay extensions need to engage the new overlay loader. The overlay loader is a component that takes XUL code as written in an overlay extension and applies it to the UI. The Thunderbird team have built a new overlay loader to replace as much of the removed code as possible.

→ Engage the new overlay loader

  • All extensions need to be updated to reflect changes in Gecko, like renamed/replaced API calls, removed support for some XUL elements (need to use HTML elements now) and much more.

→ List of changes in core up to Gecko 68

Example of ported add-ons compatible with Waterfox 68.

xiaoxiaoflood has ported some popular legacy extensions which are compatible with Waterfox 68.

If you'd like to port an existing legacy extensions, it's a good place to start by downloading an already ported extension and seeing the changes made for an idea how to port older add-ons to work with Waterfox 68. A tool such as WinMerge helps a lot. Complex ones such as Greasemonkey are a good starting point as it's a complex extension so you can see how changes were handled.

To install them in Waterfox 68 Alpha:

  1. Download the XPI, e.g. S3Download -> s3download.xpi -> 'View Raw' or 'Download' button
  2. Go to about:addons -> ⚙️ -> Install Add-on From File Screenshot
  3. Accept permissions and you're done! Screenshot
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