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install script does rm -rf /usr for ubuntu #123

ginoputrino opened this Issue May 24, 2011 · 18 comments

An extra space at line 351:
rm -rf /usr /lib/nvidia-current/xorg/xorg

causes the script to do an rm -rf on the /usr directory for people installing in ubuntu.

Totally uncool dude!!! The script deletes everything under /usr. I just had to reinstall linux on my pc to recover.

Removing the space will fix this. Probably should do it quickly!!!


Ya this happened to me. I wasn't sure what went wrong, but chaos ensued shortly after I ran the install script. I have to work tommorow, and require my computer, so this could be a late night reinstalling/recovering my personal files. Oh well, I guess that is what I get for alpha testing ;D

MrMEEE commented May 24, 2011

GIANT BUG... causing /usr to be deleted... so sorry....

@MrMEEE MrMEEE closed this May 24, 2011

This made me laugh :)

MrMEEE commented Jun 16, 2011

Yeah... I was very tired that night...

kinopyo commented Jun 17, 2011

poor guy..

gep commented Jun 17, 2011



dude. you are famous now

txdv commented Jul 16, 2011

It took me longer to load the pictures in that commit than to reinstall my machine.


DMA-BUF is the real solution to this problem.


epic xd

wdd2007 commented Feb 27, 2014



Haha people even reference to this issue lolol

Long it will be remembered


Link to a commit for future reference, awesomeness and epic comments since this issue comes up in Google instead:


@boegel boegel referenced this issue in hpcugent/easybuild May 29, 2015

Global installation of tools? #123

ayr-ton commented Sep 12, 2015


LOL, i am on the process of recovering my own files. Fortunately, it's just a test machine. I'd love to see if some one deployed the script on an working server

JarJak commented Feb 17, 2016

mom i have been here

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