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Optimus Support for Linux Through VirtualGL - PPA version also available:
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Based on the knowledge I've gathered in the last few months..

The code from here should not be used directly, but will be published
through a ppa only...

I have released Ironhide, which is going to be my
branch of the original bumblebee project..

The current version features:

* Graphical User Interface for Configuration and Submitsystem.
* Settings utility: ironhide-settings.
* Tests build into the Configuration, should help us narrow down problems.
* Major cleanup, removed all content not related to Ubuntu.
* Updated VirtualGL.

Currently the following commands are available after installing Ironhide:

ironhide-configuration - Initial configuration
ironhide-settings - Lots of different settings
ironhide-bugreport - Bug Report Utility
ironhide-submitsystem - Utility to submit working system infomation

For now there is maverick, natty and oneiric packages available.

Installation notes:

I have given up on supporting the nvidia packages myself.. The version in
Natty works just fine, and if you want newer versions, I can confirm that
the X-org edgers repository works great with Ironhide:

When new versions come out, just rerun the configuration. 

Report problems/issues here:

BugWeb (Bugreport):

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