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WordPress Detroit Theme (I name my themes from places)

The Detroit Theme was based on a website you create from TreeHouse called Best City Guide. You learn how to make that site via the CSS Basics class. I later made the Best City Guide into a WordPress theme during my fifth or sixth attempt to make a properly functioning WordPress theme.

After taking a failed website I made in 2014, turning it into a WordPress theme I called Cambodia, I decided to make Detroit.

Detroit takes the Best City Guide theme TreeHouse made and the Theme I created. I changed some of the colors, added some more items and code to make Detroit.

I'm currently using this theme for

2019 Jan 06 - Project uploaded

2019 Jan 21 - Added a full-width page, plus added the .full class to make the full-width page work.

2020 Nov 30 - Added the single.php, added post navigation on for index.php and removed the colored bar off of the main-footer selector on style.css

2021 Aug 19 - Changed the index.php to show a summary of posts opposed to a full post. People like summaries instead of the full deal.

2021 Sep 28 - Added date and author code for single.php. Should've done that from the beginning.


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