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  • New UI (designed by @philipzae)

    • Better design overall
    • Easier format selection
    • Easier save path selection
    • Added new functionality (play, delete, move item in queue, reload, pause, etc..)
    • New options window (5 tabs instead of 13)
    • Removed some of the old options (write description to file, custom format selection, etc..)
    • Added new options (-v, --ignore-config, --hls-prefer-native, --no-mtime, etc..)
    • Support for new output templates
    • Added generic video formats (3gp, mp4, webm, etc..)
    • Added Korean translation by @memnoth
    • Removed outdated translations
  • Post Processing

    • Calculate final size of post process files
    • Extract final extension after merging process [ffmpeg]
    • Extract final extension after recoding process [ffmpeg]
  • Setup

    • Update
    • Build .MO files during build phase
    • Removed unused OSX code from
  • Other

    • Removed twodict from and made it a dep
    • Resolved issues (#54, #151, #162, #173, etc..)
    • Moved utility scripts & docs to new directories
    • Added new dev scripts
    • New
    • Updated
    • Added FAQs
    • Small fixes
  • Much more...

Branch milestone

Choose a tag to compare


  • Optionsframe centering by dstftw
  • Add osx support to install via homebrew by pr0d1r2
  • Portuguese translation by Cleiton Meurer