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Pixata Custom Controls For the Visual Studio Lightswitch Silverlight client

As an initially huge fan of Microsoft Visual Studio Lightswitch[*], and a compulsive fiddler, I developed these controls to expand the possibilities of what can be done with Lightswitch, without having to resort to any more code that absolutely possible.

I wrote these controls, partly for my own interest (I love experimenting with new technology), partly to make my own development easier, and partly in response to requests from other people. The common factor is that they should hopefully take some of the pain away from Lightswitch development, leaving you more time to concentrate on what's important.

As I don't do much Lightswitch development any more, but still get a lot of interest in the controls, I decided to make them open source, so anyone can develop them.

The original documentation for the controls can be found at:

At some point, the documentation should be moved to GitHub, and updated as the controls are (hopefully) taken forward.

Please feel free to contribute!

[*] As I said, I was a huge fan of Lightswitch. I'm not such a fan now, and hardly touch it. Please read my blog for more details: