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Project Introduction

This project is a hexo theme named skapp. Demo

theme effect

theme effect

language support

skapp supports zh-cn and en by default. If you need other languages, you can extend it by yourself(to put the language yml file into the languages folder under the hexo-theme-skapp directory).

How to use

  1. Follow the hexo official document to build the basic blog.

the default path of the following operations is your hexo blog project directory, please enter the project.

noteWe recommend use node LTS version like node 8.9.3 because nodejieba 2.2.5 dependency has a build error in node 10 version

  1. use git to clone hexo-theme-skapp into the theme folder under your blog project directory.
cd themes
git clone
  1. To modify the root _config.yml and install node dependencies.
npm install --save hexo-autoprefixer hexo-filter-cleanup hexo-generator-feed hexo-generator-sitemap hexo-renderer-sass hexo-renderer-swig mamboer/lunr.js moment node-sass object-assign

note: If your OS is Windows, you may meet some problems when install the mamboer/lunr.js(because of the packagenodejieba). To fix this problem, you should install node-gyp.

npm install -g windows-build-tools
npm install -g node-gyp

After finishing the install, you can preview your blog: hexo server(If you meet the style problem, you can use the command hexo clean first).

note: If you face the problem that lacking some js files(404 error), you should use hexo server instead of hexo server -l

More Theme Configuration

set support language

To edit the root _config.yml file:

language: zh-cn

Now, skapp support two kinds of language:

language code
English en
简体中文 zh-cn

configure the menu

To edit the root _config.yml file and set the menu item:

  home: / 
  archive: /archives
  about: /about

Default menu items:

key value display text
home home: / home
archive archive: /archives archives
about about: /about about
search search: /search search

Then, you need create about,search and 404 page manually:

create the about page:

hexo new page about

edit the file in the root source/about folder:

title: about
date: 2017-07-29 00:50:51
type: about
layout: about

...(the below content will be redenered in the about page)

create the search page:

hexo new page search

edit the file in the root source/search folder:

title: search
date: 2017-07-29 00:50:51
type: search
layout: search

To create the 404 page, create the file in the source directory and edit this file:

title: 404 Page Not Found
date: 2017-08-04 23:36:59
type: error
layout: error

blog information configuration

to edit the root _config.yml file:

# Site
# blog's title
title: MINFIVE

# subtitle in the banner header
subtitle: MINFIVE BLOG

# introduction  in the banner header
subtitle_desc: 日常学习与兴趣交流

# seo keyword
keywords: minfive, minfive blog, 前端博客, 前端, 程序员, 前端开发, 全栈开发, node.js, javascript

# blog description(for seo)
description: 日常学习与兴趣交流的个人博客

# self introduction
introduction: 不思量,自难忘!

# your blog favicon icon, support two ways: local and online. the local way need you to put the icon under  themes/hexo-theme-skapp/source/img directory

# blog logo icon in the upper left corner. support the local way and online way. 

# avatar
# qrcode:

# page default cover

# header background picture

# 404 page background picture

# page loading icon

# author information
  name: minfive

# footer information
  info: 本站是基于 Hexo 搭建的静态资源博客,主要用于分享日常学习、生活及工作的一些心得总结,欢迎点击右下角订阅 rss。
  address: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

contact information configuration

create contact.yml under the /source/_data (This configuration will create links in the page footer):


- title: github
  icon: icon-github
- title: email
  icon: icon-email
- title: rss
  icon: icon-rss
  link: /atom.xml

icon only support these values:

  • icon-email: email
  • icon-rss: rss
  • icon-in: linkedin
  • icon-twitter: twitter
  • icon-facebook: facebook
  • icon-github: github
  • icon-zhihu: zhihu
  • icon-douban: douban
  • icon-weibo: weibo
  • icon-telegram: telegram

external link configuration

create footer_link.yml under the source/_data directory(This configuration will create links in the page footer): footer-link

  - name: hexo-theme-skapp
    desc: hexo-theme-skapp

  - name: Hexo
    desc: Blog Framework

name means the link value, desc means the link title attribute value. Each array in this file represents a list of link(e.g. friend_links). Skapp support multi-column links(you just need to edit your language configuration in the hexo-theme-skapp/languages).

personalized configuration

skapp uses sass precompiled style and packages all the baisc styles in the _theme.scss file under the hexo-theme-skapp/source/scss directory:

 * blog theme 

$main-color: #19abd6                                !default;
$main-color--hover: lighten($main-color, 10%)       !default;

$font-family: -apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,"Segoe UI",Helvetica,Arial,"PingFang SC","Lantinghei SC","Microsoft Yahei","Hiragino Sans GB","Microsoft Sans Serif","WenQuanYi Micro Hei",sans           !default;

$main-fc: #666                                      !default;
$main-fs: 14px                                      !default;
$main-lh: 1.7                                       !default;

$title-fc: #242f35                                  !default;

$hint-fc: #19abd6                                   !default;

$bgc--main: #fff                                    !default;
$bgc--bottom: #2d383e                               !default;
$bgc--footer: #242f35                               !default;

$border-c: #d8e5f3                                  !default;

$transition: .3s                                    !default;

$mq-desktop--wide: 1280px                           !default;
$mq-desktop: 980px                                  !default;
$mq-mobile: 736px                                   !default;

$pad: 15px                                          !default;

$z-index--bottom: 1                                 !default;
$z-index--center: 50                                !default;
$z-index--top: 100                                  !default;

blog basic usage

To configure basic info in your markdown blog file:

title: Hello World 
# author information, multiple authors are set to array
# single author
  nick: BruceYJ
# multiple authors
  - nick: BruceYJ
  - nick: minfive

# If the article is reproduced, you need to increase the article source
  name: Minfive

# post subtitle in your index page
subtitle: post introduction

title attribute is the blog's title. cover attribute is the blog's first picture and thumbnail. author attribute is the blog's author information and link.

third-part service

baidu statistics

skapp has integrated baidu statistics. You need to get the id and edit the root _config.yml file:

# Baidu statistic
baidu_statistic: ***
google statistics

skapp has integrated google statistics. You need to get the id and edit the root _config.yml file:

# Google statistic
google_statistic: ***
busuanzi statistics

skapp uses busuanzi to count page PV and closed by default. You can open this service by editing the _config.yml file:

# Busuanzi
busuanzi: true
global search

skapp uses lunr to search in site and don't support configuration.


to edit the root _config.yml file:

# Feed Atom
  type: atom
  path: atom.xml
  limit: 20

# Sitemap
  path: sitemap.xml
Comment system

skapp has integrated gitalk. If you want to use this comment function, you need to register the Github Application(follow the gitalk document). Then to edit the _config.yml configuration:

# Gitalk
  clientId: ***
  clientSecret: ***
  repo: ***
  owner: ***
    - ***

skapp has integrateddisqus. If you want to use this comment function, you need to register Disqus(follow the official instruction). Then to edit the _config.yml configuration:

# Disqus

disqus_shortname: ***

Math Equations Render Support

skapp uses hexo-math to render math formulas and it's closes by default. Configure the _config.yml under the theme folder to use this feature:

# Math Equations Render Support
  enable: true

  # Default(true) will load mathjax/katex script on demand
  # That is it only render those page who has 'mathjax: true' in Front Matter.
  # If you set it to false, it will load mathjax/katex srcipt EVERY PAGE.
  per_page: false

  engine: mathjax
  #engine: katex

  # hexo-rendering-pandoc (or hexo-renderer-kramed) needed to full MathJax support.
    # Use 2.7.1 as default, jsdelivr as default CDN, works everywhere even in China
    cdn: //
    # For newMathJax CDN ( with fallback to oldMathJax (
    #cdn: //
    # For direct link to MathJax.js with CloudFlare CDN (
    #cdn: //
    # For automatic detect latest version link to MathJax.js and get from Bootcss.
    #cdn: //

  # hexo-renderer-markdown-it-plus (or hexo-renderer-markdown-it with markdown-it-katex plugin)
  # needed to full Katex support.
    # Use 0.7.1 as default, jsdelivr as default CDN, works everywhere even in China
    cdn: //
    # CDNJS, provided by cloudflare, maybe the best CDN, but not works in China
    #cdn: //
    # Bootcss, works great in China, but not so well in other region
    #cdn: //


The hexo flat design theme(扁平化简约主题)








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