Discord Rich Presence / Gamebridge support for Emacs!
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Discord Rich Presence for Emacs

Show off your emacs-savy ways to all your Discord friends and strangers.

This package will connect with a local Discord client to update your status via the Discord Rich Presence API.


Installing from MELPA

elcord is available from MELPA

To install: M-x package-install RET elcord RET

Installation from Source

Simply place elcord.el file in a place Emacs can find it load/require it.

Note for Windows

Make sure that the stdpipe.ps1 is in the same directory as the elcord.el file.

Talking with Discord's IPC mechanism is achieves through this PowerShell script to get around Emacs' inability to talk through named pipes on Windows. Everything should work out-of-the-box. Just make sure this PowerShell script is installed in the same directory as your elcord.el file.


After installing, enable elcord-mode.

Minimal init file:

(require 'elcord)

There are customization options available.

Try M-x customize-group RET elcord RET


While the alist elcord-mode-icon-alist is customizable, all icon ID's are linked to the application pointed to by elcord-client-id. If you'd like to request a new icon for a major mode be added, please open an issue.

Custom Discord Application

Alternatively, you may create your own 'Application' with its own set of icons.

For creating an 'Application':

  1. Visit Discord's application page
  2. Create a new application and upload icons as a "small" asset.

After you've created your application, Customize elcord-client-id to be the new application's client ID, and set the value of elcord-mode-icon-alist as appropriate to reference your new icons.