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Mozilla Presentation Boilerpalte

Based on Shower and Codepo8 Presentation template

How to use

git clone

Follow the wiki for the Ribbon style of Shower that this theme is based on it.

Difference from Shower

  • Check the last slide for a frame swing animation (based on codepo8 template)
  • Fira Font
  • 3 different background for the slide with classes .red, .blue, .darkgray, .gradient-nightly (try the demo)
  • Removed inline css
  • Added .left and .right class
  • Text color based on (try the demo)
  • .fullsize and .fullsize.stretch for image
  • .opacity background area
  • .right, .left, .bottom and .center alignment class
  • Example image in Mozilla style
  • Remove slide on the fly before launch the slides!

Difference from CodePo8 Presentation Template

  • Progressbar added
  • Number of slide added
  • Shower updated


Mozilla Theme for Reveal.js