🌮 Webapp for scheduling 5C courses quickly.
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Hyperschedule: webapp for scheduling 5C courses quickly.

Live demo

Check out https://hyperschedule.io!

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This repository contains only the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript comprising the front-end webapp hosted on Netlify. The backend, which serves a single-endpoint JSON API and handles scraping information from the Claremont Colleges course catalog, is located here.

Local development

Install Yarn. Then, install the NPM dependencies by running yarn in the project root. You are ready to run the webapp locally:

$ yarn dev

This will build the static files and serve them to localhost:5000; to use a different port, just export PORT. By default, the webapp expects the API to be running at https://hyperschedule.herokuapp.com. If you're doing development on the API locally, you'll want to override this by exporting API_URL to http://localhost:3000 (or similar). If exporting to localhost, don't forget the http, since otherwise Chrome's CORS policy will block the request.

There are a few other Yarn tasks available, each runnable with yarn <task>. The dev task actually just runs server and watch in parallel. The server task serves the built static files, while watch compiles those files and recompiles when there is a change to the source. You can build just once with the build task, and remove the built files with the clean task.


Deployment to Netlify happens automatically when a commit is merged to master. If you have permission to manage the deployment pipeline, the administrator dashboard is here.

Vendored code

The file src/js/vendor/ics-0.2.0.min.js was obtained by copying the file ics.deps.min.js from the repository https://github.com/nwcell/ics.js at tag 0.2.0 and replacing the string rrule with RRULE in one place to work around an issue. Is it horrifying? Yes. But does it work? Yes.