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Application in PHP using MySQL for visualising measured values from any ethernet thermomether/hygrometer (if you can save value into database from it every minute).
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Simple application written in PHP using MySQL for visualising measured values from TME - ethernet thermometer or TH2E - Ethernet thermometer and hygrometer (from or basically from any thermomether/hygrometer if you can save every minute value into database from it.

Application was written very straightforwardly for our home usage, but owners of TME wanted to use this app as well. So I did released code and added more functionality later.

TMEP use Highcharts JS for graph generation (, Free for Non-commercial) and jQuery for AJAX, datepicker and so on. TMEP itself is CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Application demo:

Read tmep-info-en.html or tmep-info-cz.html for more information.

  • Version 8.3 released at 2018-11-22 (Added spanish translation - thank you Emilio Cortés Martínez, fixed measured humidity detection on Yearly statistics tab, minimum version of PHP is 5.4.0+)
  • Version 8.2.1 released at 2017-05-09 (Minor changes - custom page heading in config, humidity detected separately from temperature, proposed by mikrom)
  • Version 8.2 released at 2017-02-23 (New Highcharts library, better graphs on Actually tab)
  • Version 8.1.3 released at 2016-12-20 (Fixed XSS vulnerability, thank you @spazef0rze!)
  • Version 8.1.2 released at 2016-11-18 (Fix for MySQL 5.7)
  • Version 8.1.1 released at 2016-05-09 (Small fixes)
  • Version 8.1 released at 2015-04-21 (Portuguese translation)
  • Version 8.0 released at 2014-10-19 (redesigned)
  • Version 7.0.4 released at 2014-03-22 (Bugfixes)
  • Version 7.0 released at 2014-01-03 (Responsive and adaptive version of app! One code rule all devices. Mobile version was deleted.)
  • Version 6.5 released at 2013-12-31 (Performance tuning - tabs loaded with AJAX, CSS sprites; Hightcharts 3.0.7)
  • Version 6.4 released at 2013-12-29 (Just replaced MySQL with MySQLi extension)
  • Version 6.3 released at 2013-06-27 (Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Slovakia translations, XML export for Win 7 gadget, input script for MikroTik, typos, bugfixes)
  • Version 6.2 released at 2013-02-27 (Optimalized SQL queries and some minor changes and bugfixes)
  • Version 6.1 released at 2013-02-02 (Polish translation and some minor changes and bugfixes)
  • Version 6.0 released at 2012-12-01 (New graphs and statistics!)
  • Version 5.0 released at 2012-10-28 (New graphing engine [using Highcharts JS], lots of fixes and clean up.)
  • Version 4.2 released at 2011-08-08 (New polished mobile version by Cyrille David)
  • Version 4.1.1 released at 2011-07-01 (French translation, Dominique Stussi)
  • Version 4.1 released at 2011-03-26 (dew point, combined graphs)
  • Version 4.0 released at 2011-03-10
  • Version 4.0 rc1 added at 2011-02-12 - now for both TME and TH2E
  • Version 3.0 added at 2011-01-14
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