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Leland music fonts

This repository contains the Leland music fonts, Version 0.77.

About the fonts

The Leland music fonts (Leland & Leland Text), Version 0.77 are available in Type 1, OpenType-CFF format. They are distributed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL), Version 1.1.

The fonts have been initially developed for MuseScore ( music composition software.

Leland is compliant with Standard Music Font Layout (SMuFL), which provides a standard way of mapping the thousands of musical symbols required by conventional music notation into the Private Use Area in Unicode's Basic Multilingual Plane for a single (format-independent) font.

The font is named after Leland Smith, creator of the SCORE music notation software.


Leland is included with MuseScore 3.6 and later, so no further installation is required to use it in MuseScore.

To use the font with other applications, install the .otf font files in your OS in the usual way. Note that this font does not yet work in Sibelius (though a Sibelius-specific version is in development) or versions of Finale before v27 as they do not have support for SMuFL fonts. A list of software with SMuFL support can be found at

To use the font in other SMuFL-compatible software, the leland_metadata.json file needs to be copied to the following location:

Windows: C:\Program Files\Common Files\SMuFL\Fonts\Leland\Leland.json
Mac: /Library/Application Support/SMuFL/Fonts/Leland/Leland.json
Linux: /usr/share/SMuFL/Fonts/Leland/Leland.json

Note that you will need to create a Leland folder inside the SMuFL/Fonts folder manually, as well as renaming the leland_metadata.json file to Leland.json.