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This is collection of projects to work with Path of Exile® Content.ggpk file.

  • DefragmentGPPK console application to defragment Content.ggpk. It removes all FREE records in it and rewrites other content to specific file.

  • LibDat library for handling .dat file parsing, viewing, changing, exporting, exporting as CSV, etc ...

  • LibGGPK library for working with GGPK files

  • PatchGGPK ???

  • PoeStrings ???

  • VPatchGGPK ???

  • VisualGGPK This is viewer for GGPK files. It shows internal structure of files and folders in tree view and allows:

    • viewing data in the internal Viewer: pictues, text files, or special table viewer for .dat files
    • exporting fiels or directories from context menu
    • replacing content of files with other data
    • delete files and directories and save clipped GGPK file. For example, clipped GGPK filewith only Data\ folder occupies only 15 Mb of space and loads in 1 second in VisualGGPK instead of 20-40 seconds. Of course, such file couldn't be used for game.
    • opening file in the external application on double mouse click (.dat files open as CSV file)

Original source can be found at, but it's not updated often.