Hush is a fork of Zcash focused on secure communications
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HUSH 1.0.13

What is HUSH?


HUSH (formerly Zdash) is a code fork of ZCash which has it's own genesis block. Based on Bitcoin's code, it intends to offer a far higher standard of privacy through a sophisticated zero-knowledge proving scheme that preserves confidentiality of transaction metadata.

This software is the HUSH node and command-line client. It downloads and stores the entire history of HUSH transactions; depending on the speed of your computer and network connection, the synchronization process could take a day or more once the blockchain has reached a significant size.

HUSH is unfinished and highly experimental. Use at your own risk!


Please feel free to join us on Discord at . There are many channels, some you might enjoy are #general, #support and #mining.




Bootstrap Nodes

Choose to add any of the following bootstrap nodes, per your preferred network configuration, to speed up peer discovery. Utilize addnode=HOSTNAME in your hush.conf file.




  • [2607:4f00:0:509::4]
  • [2607:4f00:0:509::3]
  • [2607:5300:60:341d::1]
  • [2001:41d0:d:691::]
  • [2a02:c207:2008:8708::1]
  • [2001:470:1f09:3b6:7285:c2ff:fe0e:1664]
  • [2a02:908:162:67dc:225:90ff:fe50:2b9b]

Hush on Tor

  • hushwgexvojlkuhl.onion
  • ozumguh2lk6uvcc3.onion
  • hushnodejbnzyvfk.onion
  • hushnodexptkgea3.onion
  • keyrx4lugtnya7ax.onion
  • j7h7df2tylc57xeo.onion

Hush is experimental and a work-in-progress. Use at your own risk.


Secure Setup

Deprecation Policy

This release is considered deprecated 16 weeks after the release day. There is an automatic deprecation shutdown feature which will halt the node some time after this 52 week time period. The automatic feature is based on block height and can be explicitly disabled.

Where do I begin?

As a reference a guide for joining the main Zcash network may be used: Users should not follow this guide blindly since it applies to ZCash instead of HUSH! The section of using the command line is relevant to HUSH.

Need Help?

  • See the documentation at the Zcash Wiki for help and more general information.

Not content with command line use of HUSH?



For license information see the file COPYING.