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This is the Android companion app to Mycroft-core. It works by opening a websocket connection to the Mycroft-core messagebus and sending and receiving messages from there.

It implements voice recognition and Text To Speech (TTS) via Google API's at the moment, but that may change soon.

To Install

Import the repo into Android Studio, or your IDE of choice. Build and deploy to a device

Once the app is running on a device (Lollipop or later SDK 24), you will need to set the IP address of your Mycroft-core instance in the Settings -> General Options menu. That will then create a websocket connection to your Mycroft and off you go!

To help out

If you would like to help out on this project, please join Mattermost at and ask where you can contribute! Currently, design and UI/UX is most needed, but any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Submission Notes

Want to submit a fix, feature or...? Here is everything, we think you will need to know. is a collaborative, open source project. That means we encourage and expect people to participate. But to make things a bit more clear here are some kind lines if you would like to submit a fix.

Passthrough (component app)

  1. Pull your own fork, work there
  2. make a branch of whatever you are working on, makes sure your fork is the latest.
  3. Test!!!!
  4. merge into your master.
  5. make pull request into project master
  6. assign a reviewer.
  7. check on it, if not reviewed after a week find a new reviewer, we are mostly volunteers so find one that has time.
  8. sit back and enjoy your handy work.

Coding style...

We have moved now to Kotlin and therefore will be following the standard coding practices. Also please use descriptive method/function names. And use comments to back up that name when complicated, like a calculation or similar. Remember, you want to come back 6 months from now and be able to read your code.

Most of all have fun. Ask questions and don't worry about breaking anything, that is why we have a versioning system.


Android companion app, sends commands from your Android device to your Mycroft system and returns the output as speech or other medium to the Android device.




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