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A neural network intent parser
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An efficient and agile neural network intent parser. Padatious is a core component of Mycroft AI.


  • Intents are easy to create
  • Requires a relatively small amount of data
  • Intents run independent of each other
  • Easily extract entities (ie. Find the nearest gas station -> place: gas station)
  • Fast training with a modular approach to neural networks

Getting Started


Padatious requires the following native packages to be installed:

  • FANN (with dev headers)
  • Python development headers
  • pip3
  • swig


sudo apt-get install libfann-dev python3-dev python3-pip swig

Next, install Padatious via pip3:

pip3 install padatious

Padatious also works in Python 2 if you are unable to upgrade.


Here's a simple example of how to use Padatious:

from padatious import IntentContainer

container = IntentContainer('intent_cache')
container.add_intent('hello', ['Hi there!', 'Hello.'])
container.add_intent('goodbye', ['See you!', 'Goodbye!'])
container.add_intent('search', ['Search for {query} (using|on) {engine}.'])

print(container.calc_intent('Hello there!'))
print(container.calc_intent('Search for cats on CatTube.'))


Run with:


Learn More

Further documentation can be found at

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