An Arduino library for creating NMRA DCC decoding devices.
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This is a library for Arduino for decoding dcc signals. Uses Arduino 1.6 IDE.


To install this library, just place this entire folder as a subfolder in your Arduino/lib/targets/libraries folder.

When installed, this library should look like:

libraries/DCC_Decoder (this library's folder) libraries/DCC_Decoder/DCC_Decoder.cpp (the library implementation file) libraries/DCC_Decoder/DCC_Decoder.h (the library header file) libraries/DCC_Decoder/keywords.txt (the syntax coloring file) libraries/DCC_Decoder/examples (the examples in the "open" menu) libraries/DCC_Decoder/readme.txt (this file)


After this library is installed, you just have to start the Arduino application.

To use this library in a sketch, go to the Sketch | Import Library menu and select DCC_Decoder. This will add a corresponding line to the top of your sketch:

#include <DCC_Decoder.h>

To stop using this library, delete that line from your sketch.